How to Multiply Unit
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Multiplying Units can save time when adding new Units to your Storman. Rather than adding each Unit individually, you can create one in the system and use the 'Multiply' button to clone that Unit. Your clones will be exactly the same, except for the fact that they will all have different numbers - since this is a unique field in Storman. During the process below you will be multiplying and unit and setting unit numbers.

Important: Because clones share the same specifications as their original, it's important to realize that anything set on the original Unit gets set on the clone - including the type, dimensions, door size, that is set for the Unit that you're cloning from. We generally recommend that you clone vacant, new Units.

 Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Selecting unit to Multiply
  2. Multiply Unit

Step 1. Navigate to: Selecting unit to Multiply

Navigate through the Maintenance to Units , then highlight the unit you want to clone and select Multiply Units.

Step 2. Multiply Unit

  • Enter Force length. This is the length of the unit numbers. If your unit number are 3 character long be sure to enter 3 here.
  • Enter new unit numbers. This is the unit numbers that will be used on the new units.

Hint: Use a , (comma) to separate ranges or add spanned groups by using a - (hyphen). You can also mix and match ranges and single numbers - as per our example in the screenshot above. For example: '1-5' would create Units 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 all in one go - this saves you from having to type out each individual new Unit number.

Step 3. Save

  • Click OK to create your cloned Units. You will be warned if any of them could not be created due to existing Units with the same numbers (remember, Unit numbers are a unique field in Storman).
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