How to add a Cash Sale
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A cash sale is a quick way to sell merchandise items, such as boxes, locks, rope, bubble-wrap, etc to walk-in Customers. Generally, you would use cash sales for Customers that don't store with you and their design reflects this with a streamlined approach that allows you to add the items for sale and receipt payment, finalising the process with a printed invoice or receipt. During this process you will be constructing your sale and taking payment.

Overview of step:

  1. Navigation to: Start your cash sale
  2. Adding a new transaction
  3. Building your cash sale 

Step 1. Navigating to: Start your cash sale

There are two quick ways to add a new cash sale in Storman...Select Other Cash Sales under the Accounting menu or click the Cash Sale icon on the Storman Dashboard.


Step 2. Adding a new Transaction

  • Add New Transaction. This will add a new transaction for today's billing and start the sale building process.
    • Button Add Single Receipt Sale. This is used for sales with 1 type of payment.
    • Button Add Multiple Receipt Sale. This is used for sales with more than 1 payment.

updated cash sale screen

Step 3. Building your Cash Sale

     The below is the form when clicked Add Single Receipt Sale button

     Select the Green plus button to add charges to the sale. Once taken a payment go to the Receipts tab and select the green plus button again.

           cash sale single receipt form


      The below is the form when clicked Add Multiple Receipt Sale button

  • Add Charges. This is to add more then one item of purchase
  • Add Charge. This is to add one item of purchase.
  • Add Receipt. This is to add a payment by the customer.

Receipting a cash sale

Step 4. Save

  • When complete, click OK to complete the transaction and Done to return to your dashboard.
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