Manually download PINs to the gate
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It's possible to manually download all PINs to the gate or access control system using Storman. Storman will first send a wipe-all command to the access control system, to clear all PINs. Once this command has been sent, it will re-send all PIN (and related Customer information, if required) to the access control system. This ensures a complete updated PIN list is in the access control system.

Hint: Under normal circumstances, you will not need to do this - as Storman communicates to your access control software in real-time. As such, if a new Customer moves in & you setup their Agreement in Storman with a PIN, you won't need to run the aforementioned "Download all PINs" function, as Storman will send only the information about the new Customer to the access control system automatically, when you save & close their Agreement for the first time.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Download PINs
  2. Download PINs

Step 1. Navigate to: Download PINs

 To begin the process go to Other Access Functions under the Maintenance menu.

Step 2. Download PINs

  • Download PINs. From the dialog that appears, click Download PINs. Storman will now download all relevant PIN data to the access control system.
  • Process time depends on how many units and users are in Storman needing to be added unto the gate system. You'll normally see the process box running in the background or on the Storman Server.

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