Adding / Editing User Groups
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User groups help you restrict Storman access in a holistic way. Multiple users can be assigned to a user group that have permissions set. This article will be useful if you wish to grant access to a particular user group and if you can creating new user groups. During the below process you will be creating a new user group.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Creating the user group
  2. Create the user group

Step 1. Navigate to: Creating the user group

Open the Users & Groups section by selecting Maintenance Users Groups.

Step 2. Create the user group

  • Add new Group. Selecting the green plus at the top right of the groups table and enter the new groups name.
  • Assign permission. These are the permissions anyone assigned to this user group will get.
  • Assign to users. assign the user group to a group of users.

Hint: Once you enter the new user group name you will need to open the group to continue with its creation.

Editing group preferences

Hint: Do not forget to tick the override button if you want the group permissions to be considered instead of the individual permission.

Step 3. Save

  • Once the new group is created select OK to save and close the new group.
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