How to add units
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To start moving people into your facility you first need to create units. This article is also useful if you have conducted a recent expansion and you wish to add more units into your facility. Keep in mind your Storman maybe limited to a set amount of units due to your licence. During the below process you will be creating a Unit.

Hint: This article assumes you have already created the Unit Type. This setting is found in Unit Types and Rates. You have to set this first before proceeding in adding your units.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Units
  2. Creating the Unit

Step 1. Navigate to: Units

Navigate through the maintenance menu to Units

Step 2. Creating the Unit

  • Unit No. This is the unit number.
  • Unit Type. Classification you have set in Unit Types and Rates.
  • Unit Size. This is the size of the unit. If left blank it will default to the unit type sizing.
  • Door Size. This is the size of the door into the unit.
  • Dimensions. These dimensions will update from what you have entered above.

Step 3. Save

  • Click either OK to save & close this Unit and then Done to return to the main Storman window. Alternatively, you can click OK & New to save this Unit and add another.

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