How to use References within Print Notices
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Database references are used when you wish to print information saved in Storman. You would use references when you wish to have notices with auto fill. So instead of editing each notice that comes out of Storman whether during Daily Processing or through manual sending of notices, the referred text will show as it appears in Storman. During the below process you will be adding a Database reference into your printed notices.

Note that 4D referencing for e-mails and letters are different. Copying and pasting the text will not work. Preview of 4D values in letters can be done by clicking the [] sign in the tool bar - this will reference the very first customer agreement entered in Storman as a sample.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Opening the Notice
  2. Adding the reference

Step 1. Navigate to: Opening the Notice

To begin go through the Maintenance menu and select Notice Plans. Open the Notice you wish to edit, and go to the Notice Design tab.Edit the letter.

Step 2. Adding the reference

  • Insert the Reference. Select Insert then 4D Expression.
    • On the left, you will see a series of tables. Click the + next to the table which you wish to expand.
    • Once you have expanded the table, a list of fields within that table will appear.

  • Once you have selected your desired database reference, click OK. The reference will now be inserted into your Notice (Highlighted below). Repeat the process if you with to add additional references.




Step 3. Save

  • Once all references have been added go to the File menu and select the Return to Form menu item.

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