How to add unit types
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Through Storman you can track certain types of units, whether they be common lockers all the way up to containers. During the below process you will be creating a Unit type.

Hint: You will still need to create the units after completing this process if you wish to start moving customers in.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Unit Types
  2. Create the unit type

Step 1. Navigate to: Unit Types

Select the Maintenance menu, then Unit Types & Rates.


The type listing will appear. Click on Add Type to add a new Unit type to the system.


Step 2. Create the unit type

  • Description. General practice is the have the size of the unit in the description, you can customize it with how you want the unit described.
  • Monthly Rate. This is the default cost of the unit per month. Once entering an amount here you would have to click on calc weekly and daily rate to get the exact amount you need. Add a deposit only if you want the deposit to be on a per unit basis and not a per agreement or a per customer basis.
  • Units Type Sizes. This is the size of the unit. The area field will update once length and width are filled in. (These measurements are in Meters).
  • Assignments. These are some unit defaults. These things can be changed on the agreement. We recommend to use Rental Fee for units to be rented out.

Step 3. Save

  • Click either OK to save & close this Unit type and then Done to return to the dashboard. Alternatively, you can click OK & New to save this Unit type and add another.

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