How to add images to Notice Graphics
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Notice graphics are used to display images within your email notice. Graphic images are useful for when you want to make you email notices more appealing to your customers. To then add these uploaded graphics onto your notices you will need to use a database reference. During the below process you will be adding an image into Notice Graphics. Pictures added in Notice Graphics can be 4D referenced in your notice e-mails or letters.

Important: Storman cannot resize images once uploaded. So if a image needs to be resized, it will have to happen outside of Storman.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Notice Graphics
  2. Upload image

Step 1. Navigate to: Notice Graphics

Notice graphics can be found under the Maintenance menu.

Step 2. Upload image

Find a empty image slot and copy/paste your image into Storman.

Step 3. Save

  • Click OK to save & close Notice Graphics. You have now added an image into Notice Graphics, which you can now reference from printed letters & emails in Storman by inserting a reference to the graphic you just added.
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