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Change of ownership form
Posted by Cecilia Diedericks, Last modified by Cecilia Diedericks on 06 March 2019 04:34 PM

Changing ownership? Please read our 'Change of Ownership' regulations.

You will need to complete Storman's Change Of Ownership Form if you:

  1. are selling your business (or a part of your business) and as a result of that transaction, the new owner will require access to/use of Storman’s Software as a Service for your Site; or
  2. if you are undertaking any other kind of restructure which results in a change to ABN of the entity using the Storman Software as a Service for your Sites.

Each of the above changes will mean that the current Software as a Service Agreement with You will be terminated and a new Software as a Service Agreement entered into between Storman and the new entity running the Site. Use this form to request that this change occur.

Please return this signed form to

 storman-CHOWN.pdf (925.85 KB)