Batch Processing
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What is batch processing?

An automated process in Storman Cloud that performs the regular billing of rent and other recurring charges. It includes the sending out of invoices, letters, emails and SMS and the applying of late fees to customer’s accounts. This process has replaced what was formerly known in Storman One as Daily Processing.


When does batch processing run?

Anytime between 12am and 5am.


How will I know what batch processing did overnight?

Check your task list in Storman in the morning and you will see items with a category of “Batch”. These are tasks that were generated by the overnight batch process, and could include any or all of the following:

Batch generated task


Billing Summary report

a report of customers who have been billed recurring charges or whose bill is due today.

Communications Pending report

a list of letters, emails and SMS messages that have been generated in this batch run. Also shows any fees applied with that notification.


Communication Exceptions report

a list of customers who were expected to receive a communication that day but for whom a communication was not generated. This could be because the agreement was set to not send notices or because a change in letters has meant

DD & CC Payment Request Report

Shows a list of Direct Debit and Credit Card payments that were processed or attempted to be processed in today’s batch run. It is split into “Payments that require attention” – which could be attempted payments that were not processed successfully and may also be subject to a re-try in the next batch run. It also shows  and “Successfully processed payments” or credit card payments that failed.

DD & CC Payments Received Report

Shows a list of payments that have been successfully settled or, after the settlement period, have been found to have failed (eg a DD that was declined due to insufficient funds).

Review batch emails

This links to a screen where you can review the emails that were generated overnight before hitting ‘Send’ to send them to your customers

Review batch SMS

This links to a screen where you can review the SMS messages that were generated overnight before hitting ‘Send’ to send them to your customers


These are alerts specific to an agreement – there may be no action required but a description of what to look at and a link to open the agreement are included in the task.

Print invoices, statements, notices

If communications are set to be printed they will be listed in the task list to print.

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