Storman v10.89.4
Posted by Jonathon Wildon, Last modified by Jonathon Wildon on 04 December 2018 08:51 AM

Version: Storman v10.89.4
Released: 23 November 2018 


  • For Ezidebit users, we have fixed an issue where a processed Ezidebit payment could show on  the banking report a day earlier than they should.
  • Single BPAY payments will no longer show on multiple banking reports.
  • For users using Ezidebit direct debit to charge storer bank accounts, it is now possible to automatically add a dishonour fee/charge.

System Setup

  • We have removed filtering on the password fields used for SMS, Credit Card and Direct Debit merchants. This means passwords with : ? ] } @ can now be typed in and saved.

General Storman

  • The view effective permissions button for users, will now show permissions if users are part of a group instead of just their individual permissions.
  • The consolidated occupancy report will now calculate totals and average them correctly.

Sales Enquiries

  • Storman will now record a note whenever the follow up date is changed.
  • We have fixed an issue where a note could be lost, when being added at a Storman Central level.

Bugs Squashed!

  • We have fixed an issue where dynamic rent control and downloading to the gate system at the end of daily could cause Storman to freeze or made some changes to the way Storman sites contact head office during login, to hopefully speed this process up!
  • We have fixed a display issue on the key stats report.
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