Storman v10.89.3
Posted by Jonathon Wildon, Last modified by Jonathon Wildon on 06 November 2018 06:04 AM

Version: Storman v10.89.3
Released: 2 November 2018 


  • If an agreement has been billed into the future, we have added an alert notifying users to undo the last charges before being able to add, remove, or transfer any units for the agreement.
  • When removing a unit that is very close to the movein date, we have reworded the alert message that appears, to make it easier to understand what Storman is going to do.
  • We have added the ability to limit move outs to be the current date only.
  • There is a setting in system setup that could be used to block move outs for up to XX days, this previously only worked for agreement moveouts. This now works for the remove unit button in an agreement (red X).


  • For users with Storman and BPOINT, we have removed the edit button under the credit card autopay section of agreements. Users can now only add and delete credit card profiles.

Bugs Squashed!

  • We have fixed an issue where blank sales enquiries could be created automatically for other credit sales.
  • For agreements users on a periodic billing plan, we have fixed an issue where daily processing would show the full amount of the billing plan, not the monthly period that was being billed.

Storman Central

  • We have made some changes to the way Storman sites contact head office during login, to hopefully speed this process up!
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