How to add/edit Analysis Codes
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Analysis codes are used for payment types. Receipt Analysis codes can be useful for when you want to show what type of payment a customer has made to your accountant. Charge Analysis Codes are treated as possible charges the customers of your business could incur. Included in this list would be any rental charges, insurance and merchandise you may sell. If you are using Ezidebit or any other payment gateway integration with Storman there are certain Analysis Codes that must be added. In these cases it is best to contact Storman Support. During the below process you will be adding a Receipt Analysis code.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Creating a new Analysis code
  2. Choose the type of code to create
  3. Create the Analysis Code

Step 1. Navigate to: Creating a new Analysis code

Begin by navigating through the Maintenance menu to Analysis Codes.

Step 2. Choose the type of code to create

  • Selecting the Code type. By changing the view to either Receipt or Charge you set what type of code you want to create.
  • Create the code. Create the new code by selecting Add New Code.

Step 3. Create the Analysis Code


  • Enter details for your new code. The first 5 letters would be your Facility Code. Sort order for receipts would be 51 - 99.
  • Special Options. Use the drop-down when setting default Analysis for Receipts. Usually done when Autopay merchant is applicable.

Charges and/or Credits

  • Enter details for your new code. The first 5 letters would be your Facility Code. Sort order accepted will be 1-50. Analysis Code Setup would allow you to add Cost Pricing.
  • Enable stock control of this item. When creating a charge and using Storman stock control be sure to check this tick-box. You can then setup Stock through Accounting Menu.
  • Key Stats Category. always make sure that all your analysis codes would have this selected appropriately.
Note: The same process is used when adding Other transactions for Bank Reconciliation such as bank fees, interest earned or charged, etc. In this instance sort order 95-99 is used to differentiate these transactions from normal storman charges.

Step 4. Save

  •  Once the code details are entered, select OK to save and close the new code.
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