Storman v10.0.73 to v10.0.087
Posted by Jonathon Wildon on 13 July 2018 02:50 PM

Version: Storman v10.0.87
Released: 10 July 2018 

Key Changes 

Key Statistics and Activity

  • We have made some changes to the way Key stats calculations and activity data is working to align it more closely between the site and Head office data.

Unknown and Unallocated Payments 

  • We have introduced the ability to create a holding account, in the form of an Other Credit Sale. To handle payments that due to storers not providing a reference to their agreement number or unit number. Please read these articles here to understand how to set this up and manage moving payments

Unallocated Payments

  • If you have a credit sales account for unallocated payment (e.g. a holding account), this is now be accessible from the Customers menu. If you do not yet have an unallocated payment account setup, please read this article.
  • We have fixed an issue where previous transactions would not show under the unallocated payment account


  • BPay transactions can now be assigned to reservations.
  • BPay transactions will can now be added to agreements or reservations regardless of whether they are active or inactive.
  • For users with BPAY, we have made an improvement for payments where the storer has not entered their CRN (customer reference number) correctly. If you have an unallocated payment account (in the form of an other credit sale) setup and configured in Maintenance > System Setup. Storman will now assign any BPAY payments, where the entered reference number could not be found to this account. Allowing you to hold them until they can be identified.

Storman Online Tools

  • Google addresses are now formatted correctly when coming from Storman (online) MoveIns.
  • Various improvements and cosmetic tidy ups have been made to Storman (online) Reporting, please click here to read the changes.

Storman Menus

  • For users using the unallocated payment account, we have added this to the Customers menu for quicker access. This is now called "Find Unallocated Payments"
  • We have brought back the Find Agreement function, that used the shortcut (CTRL+F). This is back in the Customers menus, along with Find All Agreements (CTRL+E). 

Customer Statements

  • The new statement design recently released will now be available to all Storman users.
  • We have modified the new statement to default printing to landscape instead of portrait.
  • We have fixed a bug on the new transaction statement, showing a different balance between printing 'unmatched & most recent' and 'all transactions'.4

Menu Changes

  • We have removed Shipping and Utilities from the new Administration menu.
  • We have put back the Merge Data Export option in the customers menu, but this is now called Customer Data Export.
  • Daily Reprint Letters has been renamed to Reprint Daily Letters.
  • We have renamed GL receipts to be called "Payment Methods".


  • When running the Customer Balances report, Storman will automatically run check activity when closing off the month end period.
  • For users that display the receipts section of the Key Stats report excluding GST. We have fixed an issue where this section would not match the Income Received report.
  • The note at the bottom of the Occupancy Report will now show correctly depending on what tax option is selected when printing the report.
  • We have fixed an issue where marketing type records could be altered or removed, when running the Customer Analysis Report.
  • The Unit Status report, if run during daily has been moved to run before an internal daily process. To alleviate freezing and slowness.

Cash Sales

  • We have made an adjustment to cash sales, not allowing the charges and receipts to be saved with different dates.
  • We have removed the ability to delete one side of a cash sale (deleting a charge and leaving the receipt or deleting a receipt and leaving the charge)
  • We have fixed an issue where Storman would ask you multiple times if you would like to print or email a receipt for the sale, it will now only ask once.


  • For units with a billing plan discount, when removing the unit from an agreement, the discount is now included in pro-rata transactions, 


  • We have fixed an issue where exporting revenue journals to QuickBooks would be rounded incorrectly.
  • We have added the "site ID" to the Prepaid Journal export for QuickBooks.
Other Credit Sales
  • We have fixed a minor display error where two buttons could overlap each other on the Other Credit Sales screen.

Automatic Updates

  • Storman will now check for, and create the update download folder if it does not exist.


  • For Ezidebit users, using direct debit from storer bank accounts. We have implemented the ability to view the bank account information (name, number, account name) on the Agreement, Reservation and Credit Sale screens. This was previously not able to be viewed after being sent to Ezidebit.
  • We have fixed an issue with the Edit button, when attempting to edit a bank account profile in an Agreement.
  • It is now possible to set up Storman, to automatically add a charge transaction to an agreement. When their autopay for direct debit (bank accounts) fails or dishonours.

Sales Enquiries, Reservations and Agreements

  • We have added validation to the When Required field, to block the entering of invalid dates.
  • We have resolved an issue where cancelling a reservation would remove the unit, but still leave the reservation active.
  • On the Sales Enquiry, Agreement and Reservation screens we have added validation and checks to ensure customer names, phone numbers, email addresses and all other fields cannot be saved with invalid characters. Such as carriage returns and line feeds.
  • If you have an access control system setup in Storman. Storman will now alert you when you are saving an agreement without a PIN number.

Storman Demo

  • We have fixed an issue where the Storman Demo datafile, would ask users to login, the very first time it was opened.

Daily Processing

  • During daily processing, when un-ticking the option to send a notice to a customer. We have removed the alert that will warn you that the customer will not receive the notice and may not be billed.

General Storman

  • We have removed the alert that shows when opting to run check activity on Storman Server. The message would incorrectly state that check activity had finished when it had only just begun.
  • The alert message at the end of recalculate balances has been brought back, so users know when it has finished.
  • We have removed the import chart button on the Chart of Accounts screen as this was not being used.
  • Calendar notes will now save for agreements and reservations.
  • We have added a drop down list to the dashboard, allowing you to quickly search for units based on their status.


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