Moving an incorrectly allocated payment to the correct customer (v10.0.77 onwards)
Posted by Jonathon Wildon, Last modified by Michael Dutton on 20 November 2018 12:32 PM
Requirements: Storman v10.0.77

This article explains how to move payments from from one storer to another. If you do not yet have a suspense or holding account configured in Storman, please follow this article first.

Moving a payment from one storer to another

Follow the below steps to move a payment that was added to the wrong storer.

1. Open the agreement or reservation that the payment was incorrectly added to.

2. Highlight this payment and click Modify.

3. Click the Move Receipt button.

4. Enter the agreement or reservation number that you would like to move this payment to, in this example we are moving the payment to Daphane Danielsen (000000028).

5. Confirm you would like to move the payment, and click Yes.

6. Storman has now moved the payment from Rob Fitifiti to Daphane Danielsen. A reversal transaction has been created to balance out Rob Fitifiti's account.

7. Opening Daphane Danielsen's account, will show the payment being moved to her account.

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