Setting up SMS or email for alarm events
Posted by Cameron Telfer on 27 November 2017 12:39 PM

Why would I want to setup SMS and / or email for alarm events?

By setting up an SMS and / or email alert for any alarm events, you can be notified via a TXT to your mobile phone or via email to your inbox, whenever a Unit alarm is triggered at your business.

What access control brands support this?

Any of our supported brands  so long as the word alarm appears in the log file that the system generates.

How do I setup SMS and / or email for alarm events?

  1. Ensure that the email settings have been configured in Storman.
  2. Ensure that you have a supported SMS account setup & correctly configured in Storman.
  3. Once all required systems are setup, configured and ready, select Maintenance, then Email & Event Log Setup.
  4. Select the Send Details tab. In section 3 click + to add a new record to the table then complete the line - enter G into the Code column if you want an email sent on an alarm or enter an S into the Code column if you want a TXT sent on an alarm. Then enter the name & email address or mobile number, as per the examples in the screenshot below. You can click X to remove highlighted records from the table, if desired.

  1. Navigate to the Alarm Notification tab and select the dates & times that you wish alarm alerts to be active for - clicking a time slot will enable alarm event monitoring for that time slot (the time slot will turn black when enabled); clicking it again will disable it (the time slot will turn white when disabled).
  2. Once setup, click OK. The SMS and / or email notification system is now enabled. When the first alarm event is triggered, the SMS or email will tell the recipient which Berth / Unit / Vault is in alarm and the person or company who rents it. It will also include the time.
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