Setting up your Unknown Payment/Mystery deposit account
Posted by Jonathon Wildon, Last modified by Michael Dutton on 20 November 2018 10:45 AM
Requirements: Storman v10.0.77

This article explains how to setup a specific Other credit sale account to store unknown payments/mystery deposits.  This account would then be used to hold payments such as:

  • a bank transfer but the storer did not add their agreement or unit number as a reference.
  • cash, eftpos or cheque where you do not know who the payment is for.

Step 1 - Creating the Account
Step 2 - Configuring Storman

Creating the Account

In this section, we are going to create an account that we will use for all future unknown deposits or payments. To be held in, until they can be identified.

1. Create a new other credit sale from the Customers menu > Find Other Credit Sales

2. Click New Credit Sale

3. Enter a Customer name and click OK to save, nothing else needs to be added. We recommended any of the following names:
- Unknown Deposits
- Unknown Payments Account
- Unallocated Payments

4. Note the Credit Sale number, in this example our account we are using is '#00000001'

Configuring Storman

In this section, we are going to take the dedicated account created above and configure Storman to recognise this as a suspense or temporary account.

1. Open Maintenance > System Setup.

2. Under the Configuration tab, find the line 'UNALLOCATED_PAYMENT_ACCOUNT'

3. In the Lookup Value for this record, enter the full Credit Sale number '#00000001'

4. Storman will now recognise and treat this credit sale as a suspense account.

When opening this Other Credit Sale account, everything on the allowing you to only add receipts, modify receipts (to move to the correct storer) and print a list of the receipts.

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