Storman v10.0.79
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Version: Storman v10.0.79
Released: 6 December 2017 

Key Changes

Menu Changes

  • We have made changes to the menus in Storman, (File, Customers, Accounting and Maintenance) to hopefully make it easier to use and understand. Please review this article here to see these changes.

Unknown and Unallocated Payments 

  • We have introduced the ability to create a holding account, in the form of an Other Credit Sale. To handle payments that due to storers not providing a reference to their agreement number or unit number. Please read these articles here to understand how to set this up and manage moving payments

Cash Sales

  • We have made an adjustment to cash sales, not allowing the charges and receipts to be saved with different dates.
  • We have removed the ability to delete one side of a cash sale (deleting a charge and leaving the receipt or deleting a receipt and leaving the charge)


  • The note at the bottom of the Occupancy Report will now show correctly depending on what tax option is selected when printing the report.
  • The Unit Status report, if run during daily has been moved to run before an internal daily process. To alleviate freezing and slowness.

General Storman

  • We have added a drop down list to the dashboard, allowing you to quickly search for units based on their status.
  • We have increased the length of the [Agreement]UnitsOcc field from 50 to 255.


  • WS_ConvertReservation - we have fixed an issue where transactions would not be moved to an agreement when converting from a reservation.
  • WS_CancelReservation - we have fixed an issue where canceling a reservation would only set units to vacant, leaving the reservation still active.
  • WS_DoBilling - we have fixed an issue where this method would not bill any analysis codes that were set to 'Bill on MoveIn'.


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