How does Storman integrate with MailChimp?
Posted by Jonathon Wildon, Last modified by Duncan Clarke on 24 October 2017 04:34 PM


Stormans integration with MailChimp automatically subscribes storers that have been moved out to a MailChimp mailing list of your choice.  This can be useful for move out surveys or questionnaires to get a better understanding of your storer or customers experience. 

Storman will continuously add (drip feeding) people who move out to the MailChimp mailing list which means you can then use MailChimp to send surveys to newly added subscribers to the list.   

For more information on how to create a "Drip Campaign" in MailChimp, please read this article.


What information does Storman pass to MailChimp?

Storman passes the following information to MailChimp:
  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • email address
  • Facility name
  • balance at the time of moveout.
You can include any of the fields above in the emails you send via MailChimp to your storers.  The "balance at the time of moveout" could also be used to NOT send moveout surveys to people who have an outstanding balance at the time of moveout as they would likely give you an adverse rating!

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