Storman Major Release Information
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Impact Statement

Storman v10 is a major release and as such, has a number of impacts that need to be considered:

  1. In Version 10, we no longer support merchants that do not “tokenise” their credit cards. Tokenizing is a secure way of processing your customer’s credit cards and bank accounts. Instead of insecurely sending their information over the internet!
  2. If you remain with or on a payment provider that does not tokenise credit cards, Storman v10 will not support and will not process Transactions/Payments for your customers. Unsupported merchants are:
    CTel, Verisign, Cheq, Payment Express, NAB, Advam, AuthorizeNet.
  3. To be PCI compliant and ensure you and your customers data is secure, credit cards are now encrypted in Storman. This means they will no longer print on the autopay report during daily processing.
  4. It is no longer possible to view an agreement's credit card number, from the agreement screen.
  5. If your website communicates to Storman, or you would like it to please contact us before upgrading to Version 10. You web developer may want to view our API documentation.
  6. When processing a moveout, if a storer has future billed rent. Storman will now warn you, and offer to automatically undo last charges for you before moving out.
  7. Staff and Storman user passwords are now encrypted, masked (*****) and case sensitive.
  8. If you are using Windows 10, you no longer need PDF Creator or PDF Printer 4. Storman now works with Microsoft's own PDF Prinrter.

Storman Online Tools

By upgrading to Version 10, you are now able to take advantage of a suite of online tools we have been working on:

  • Storman Online Reservations - let your storers reserve units online directly from your website - this integrates directly into Storman for you
  • Storman Online Payments - let your storers pay their storage fees online directly from your website - this integrates directly into Storman for you
  • Storman Online MoveIns - let your storers signup for storage, either on an iPad/tablet in-store or directly from your website - this integrates directly into Storman for you
  • Storman Online Reporting - login to an online portal form anywhere and access your reports and dashboards from your Storman

Automatic Updates

Storman can now download and install the latest version, to get fixes and improvements to you faster!

Storman will now check for, download and install updates overnight.



Storman can now export the following, to be uploaded into Xero Online.

  • Invoices (Sales)
  • Statements
  • Chart of Accounts  

Please click here to view our knowledge base article. And get exporting today!


 Incremental Backups

Storman now supports incremental backups.

  • This is especially useful for users backing up to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or similar.
  • Incremental Backups can be configured to run half hourly, hourly, daily, weekly etc.

Please click here to view our knowledge base article on how to setup and configure incremental backups in Storman.

Storman and BPay

Storman now supports and integrates with BPay (Australia only)

  • For Storman Users with BPay, we have renamed 'Customer Reference Number' to 'BPay Reference' on the AutoPay & Notices tab of a Agreements and Reservations. 
  • We have also removed the hard coded BillerCode number from Storman Invoices, this should now be displayed on the invoice footer.
Please click here to view our knowledge base article on BPay, and how to configure this in Storman.

Daily Processing and Autopay 
  • During Daily Processing, when a storer is un-selected to receive their notice. We have added an alert message warning that this may result in storers not being billed.
  • Daily Processing will no longer abort if the you cancel printing the daily summary report.
  • We have introduced the ability for Storman to automatically retry failed autopay credit cards, on the next daily processing. Storman will continue to try these failed cards, until the maximum number of attempts has been reached.

Cash Sales

  • For Cash Sales, you are now able to select between the old Cash Sale screen and the new Cash Sale screen.
  • The old screen can be used for customers that may pay with a single payment method. ie: cash only.
  • The new screen can be used for customers that may pay with two or more payment methods. ie: cash and eftpos.

Users and permissions

  • Entering or editing a users' password is now masked (****).
  • The user 'Manager' has been removed.
  • There is now a permission for being able to change the backup location for Storman in system setup.


  • We have updated our Storman logos and images throughout Storman and Storman Central.
  • If you are using Microsoft Windows 10, you no longer need to use PDF Creator or PDF_Printer for emailing invoices
    • You are now able to view the release notes page, for the version of Storman you are on. This can be accessed from the File Menu.

    Storman API

    • Our Storman API documentation has been updated! Please click here to view.

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