Storman v10.0.54 to v10.0.72
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Version: Storman v10.0.72
Released: 16 October 2017

Storman and Storman (online) Reporting

  • The following key stats categories are now retrieved from Storman One and displayed on the Storman Reporting dashboards:
    • Merchandise
    • Insurance
    • Deposits
    • Late fees

  • The following KPIs are now retrieved from Storman One and displayed on the Storman Reporting dashboards:
    • Income - (to date and end of last month)
    • Merchandise sales per new MoveIn - (to date and end of last month)
    • Insurance sales per new MoveIn - (to date and end of last month)
    • Occupancy % - (to date and end of last month)
    • Arrears $ value - (to date and end of last month)
    • Debt owing % - (to date and end of last month)


Daily Processing

  • During Daily Processing, when a storer is un-selected to receive their notice. We have added an alert message warning that this may result in storers not being billed.
  • Daily Processing will no longer abort if the you cancel printing the daily summary report.
  • Storman will no longer print credit card information on the autopay summary report, during Daily Processing.
  • We have introduced the ability for Storman to automatically retry failed autopay credit cards, on the next daily processing. Storman will continue to try these failed cards, until the maximum number of attempts has been reached.
  • We have adjusted the autopay retry to trigger on the next daily processing, regardless on whether there are normal autopay customers due to process.
  • We have fixed the display of notes added to agreements where processing a credit card declines.

Daily Lock List

  • We have made some changes to the lock list report that is printed at the end of daily. Including removing duplicates and changing the statuses.
  • The 'Daily Reprint Locklist' has been changed, and is now the Lock Activity Audit report. This report shows any changes made to unit statuses, for the date that it is printed.


  • For Advam users we have fixed a glitch where an agreements credit card number could not be removed.
  • We have resolved an issue with the direct debit file, if an agreements autopay amount was $0.00


Automatic Updates

  • If Storman is unable to check for updates overnight, due to the computer being shutdown or Storman not open. It will check for and update when a user next logs in.
  • Storman will no longer display an error message if it is unable to check for updates overnight.


  • We have added a copy address button, allowing you to quickly copy the primary storers address into the Customer Info 1 and 2 fields.
  • When processing a moveout, if a storer has future billed rent. Storman will now warn you, and offer to automatically undo last charges for you before moving out.
  • We have fixed an issue where the tabs in the Agreement Screen Edit, would not always work correctly when clicked.
  • The PrintAP and EmailAP buttons have been merged into one button, with the alert message reworded.
  • We have added validate checks to agreement, reservation and sales enquiry forms to not allow saving of invalid dates.
  • The autopay block on an agreement has been adjusted and reworded.
  • When saving an agreement, if autopay is enabled but an authorised amount is not set. This will be set to be the regular rent amount.


BPAY (Australia only) 

  • We have fixed an issue where agreements that were locked or suspended would not be updated after making a BPAY payment.
  • Storman will now automatically check (without question) for BPAY payments at the start of daily processing and the banking report.
  • We have improved the BPAY form that allows you to split payments across multiple reservations or agreements.


  • For Ezidebit users, we have renamed the titles and headings of the Ezidebit upload customer form.
  • We have fixed an issue where Storman would not allow you to edit an already uploaded credit card or bank account, with Ezidebit.
  • On the modify receipt screen, "Confirmed" has been changed to "Settled".

Sales Enquiries / Contacts

  • We have resolved an issue where occupancy numbers would be incorrect when moving a sales enquiry to another site.


  • We have resolved an issue where invoices would show 00/00/00 as an overdue date.


  • We have resolved an issue with inventory, when running recalculate balances at a Storman Central would calculate inventory incorrectly. 

Batch Reporting

  • We have fixed an issue that was causing PDF reports to fail and not attach to emails. 

Storman API

  • We have adjusted the web service method WS_AddUnit, to generate a prorata transaction if an agreement has a move in date in the future
  • We have fixed an issue with the web service method WS_ConvertReservation, where an agreement's balance owing would not update correctly.


  • We have fixed a spelling mistake in the alert message that appears for the Vacant Units Report.
  • We have fixed an issue where the Cash Received Analysis report would not check against the date banked correctly.
  • We have fixed an issue where rent figures on the key stats report could be calculated incorrectly from BPAY, web and daily autopay (CC or DD) payments.
  • We have fixed a display issue where figures from the key stats report would be shown on the Revenue Report, if run directly after each other.
  • We have resolved an issue where selecting "Today,Week,Month & Year" for the Key Stats Report, does not match the income charged or income received report covering the same period.
  • We have added a note to the bottom of the Insurance Summary report, explaining that this report is designed to be a point in time summary. The report may display different figures due to changes in insurance amounts or storers moving out.

General Storman

  • We have fixed an issue where notes and sales enquiries would not save correctly or be removed from the Storman dashboard calendar.
  • For some users it is now possible to change the ODBC/web service password in system setup. If you are unable and require your ODBC password to be changed, please contact our support team.
  • We have fixed an issue where Storman would not be able to contact our licencing server, resulting in some users told they could not access Storman.
  • On upgrade to this version, Storman will check for any customers that have any invalid characters or spaces in the Customer Code field. If any are found, these will be repaired and a note will be added to the customer. 
    This note can be found under Reservations/Agreements - Notes and Alerts tab, with detail of what the code was and what is was changed to.



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