Storman v10.0.70
Posted by Jonathon Wildon, Last modified by Jonathon Wildon on 21 September 2017 12:22 PM

Version: Storman v10.0.70
Released: 20 September 2017

Daily Processing

  • We have adjusted the autopay retry to trigger on the next daily processing, regardless on whether there are normal autopay customers due to process.
  • We have fixed the display of notes added to agreements where processing a credit card declines.

Dashboard / Calendar

  • We have fixed an issue where notes and sales enquiries would not save correctly or be removed from the Storman dashboard calendar.


  • For Ezidebit users, we have renamed the titles and headings of the Ezidebit upload customer form.

Automatic Updates

  • If Storman is unable to check for updates overnight, due to the computer being shutdown or Storman not open. It will check for and update when a user next logs in.
  • Storman will no longer display an error message if it is unable to check for updates overnight.


  • We have fixed an issue where the tabs in the Agreement Screen Edit, would not always work correctly when clicked.
  • The PrintAP and EmailAP forms have been merged into one button, with the alert message reworded.
  • We have added validate checks to agreement, reservation and sales enquiry forms to not allow saving of invalid dates.
  • The autopay block on an agreement has been adjusted and reworded.
  • We have fixed an issue where overdue invoices could be printed displaying 00/00/0000.

Sales Enquiries / Contacts

  • We have resolved an issue where occupancy numbers would be incorrect when moving a sales enquiry to another site.


  • We have fixed an issue where the Cash Received Analysis report would not check against the date banked correctly.
  • The 'Daily Reprint Locklist' has been changed, and is now the Lock Activity Audit report. This report shows any changes made to unit statuses, for the date that it is printed.


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