Storman v10.0.45
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Version: Storman v10.0.45
Released: 21 April 2017

Storman Demo

  • The invoice header for the Storman Demo datafile has been rebuilt, and now fits nicely and is not distorted when printing.

Automatic Updates

  • Storman will alert a user when logging in after an overnight update, as well as opening the knowledgebase article relevant to the new version.
  • We have adjusted the way the backup runs when installing a new update, to not interrupt incremental backups.


  • We have improved the progress messages for Unit Activity Report, to display 'calculating XX or XX' to give users an idea of how long the report will take to complete.

Incremental Backups

  • We have made some adjustments to incremental backups, as well as creating a log file for the backups.

Advam Direct Debit Export

  • During daily processing, the Advam Direct Debit export has been adjusted to now allow the skipping of payments.

BPoint Upload

  • We have fixed a glitch that would randomly not show the credit card field after uploading a new profile to BPoint. This will now show 'XXXX-XXXX-XXX-1234'.

General Storman

  • There is now an option in system setup, under the security tab to display or mask customer passwords for both Reservations and Agreements.

Storman API

  • We have added a new web service, WS_EditUnit2. Using this web API you can now control creating prorata transactions for insurance either based on the current date or the movein date.
  • We have added a new web service, WS_AddContact2. Using this web API you can now send the Suburb to a new Sales Enquriy.
  • The web service WS_GetUnitStatuses will now log requests and responses into a separate web log file, called WS_GetUnitStatusesLog.txt.

For more information please view our API documentation here.


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