Storman v10.0.38
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Version: Storman v10.0.38 / Storman v10.0.39
Released: 16 March 2017

Storman Reporting Dashboard!

  • For Storman users using Storman (online) Reporting, we have added a dashboard to the online reporting portal. This dashboard will give you a quick indication of MoveIns, MoveOuts, Income and Occupancy, number of active vs overdue agreements and more. For information on these dashboards, please visit this knowledgebase article.

    To view your dashboard, please login here Storman Reporting or if you are not already using Storman Reporting, please visit our Democompany and give it a test drive!

Daily Processing and Banking Report

  • For Ezidebit users, at the start of Daily Processing and the banking report. Storman will now automatically check the status of Ezidebit payments.
  • When running the banking report, the option to 'Include transactions with a date banked of today' has been changed to 'Include transactions with a date banked of XXX...' and will show the date the report is being run for.

Incremental Backups

  • We have made some improvements to Incremental Backups. Where some users would experience slowness in Storman, while the backup was taking place.

Agreements and MoveOuts

  • Users will now be warned to undo last charges if attempting to move an agreement out that has been billed in the future. 

Storman Automatic Updates

  • Storman will now check for, download, and install updates overnight. Instead of first thing in the morning when a user logs in.

General Storman 

  • On upgrade to v10.0.38, Storman will now automatically create the following Photo ID's if they do not already exist: Passport, Driver Licence, Firearm Licence, Medicare Card, 18+ Card, Student ID. 
  • When creating a new or editing an existing analysis code, we have modified the validation on the Analysis Code field to not remind you that 'the facility code must be first!'


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