Storman v9.3.10 to v10.0.36
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Automatic Updates

Storman can now download and install the latest version, to get fixes and improvements to you faster!

Storman Reporting: Refreshed and Re-released!

We have been working behind the scenes to refresh and release our new Storman Online Reporting tool.
To use Storman reporting you must:

  • Be syncing to a Storman Hub or Storman Central
  • Be using Storman v10.0.14 or higher
  • Want to give our Storman Reporting a try? Test Drive Storman Reporting here.

Storman and Xero

Storman can now export the following, to be uploaded into Xero Online.

  • Invoices (Sales)
  • Statements
  • Chart of Accounts  

Please click here to view our knowledge base article. And get exporting today!

Incremental Backups

Storman now supports incremental backups.

  • This is especially useful for users backing up to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or similar.
  • Incremental Backups can be configured to run half hourly, hourly, daily, weekly etc.

Please click here to view our knowledge base article on how to setup and configure incremental backups in Storman.

Storman and BPay

Storman now supports and integrates with BPay (AU)

  • For Storman Users with BPay, we have renamed 'Customer Reference Number' to 'BPay Reference' on the AutoPay & Notices tab of a Agreements and Reservations. 
  • We have also removed the hard coded BillerCode number from Storman Invoices, this should now be displayed on the invoice footer.
  • The BPay customer reference number is now visible for Reservations, under the Autopay & Notices tab.
  • BPay transactions have been added to their own autopay report at the start of Daily Processing.

Please click here to view our knowledge base article on BPay, and how to configure this in Storman.

Storman API

Our Storman API documentation has been updated! Please click here to view.


  • We have redesigned the user interface for Ezidebit from the ground up. This includes tokenization along with direct debit and credit card processing to provide a more secure enviroment.
  • For Ezidebit users, the CCV credit card field is no longer compulsory when uploading a new Customer Profile. This is now only required for one off payments.
  • We have resolved an issue with processing refunds through cash sales, for users using Ezidebit.
  • Updated Ezidebit interface to PCI 3.1 specification.
  • Batched Ezidebit transactions do not incorrectly prompt that surcharges apply.
  • Refund button for Ezidebit is now hidden for users on older API versions, to upgrade please contact Ezidebit.

Daily Processing and Autopay

  • Fixed an issue with daily processing, where some windows would open on top of another, or get stuck behind another.
  • We have fixed an occasional issue where during Daily Processing random late fees could be added to Agreements and Credit Sales.
  • We have fixed an issue where Storman could become stuck in a loop at the end of Daily Processing.
  • When trying to login, if Daily Processing is already being run on another computer. You will not be able to login until this is completed.
  • In the Lock List Report that is printed at the end of Daily Processing, the title 'Days' has been changed to 'Days Stayed'.
  • For autopay during Daily Processing, we have reworded the alert that states 'There are 0 credit cards to process. Would you like to process now?'. This now says 'There are no credit cards to process.'
  • During Daily Processing some users reported an error appearing when trying to process email and letter notices. This has been resolved.
  • The automatic calculation of Activity for Daily Processing at Storman Central has been sped up.
  • Changes made to notices before they are sent out during daily processing are now updated and saved. The notice is sent out correctly.
  • After a recently created Reservation, during daily processing all notice plans may be addressed to this Reservation instead of their respective customers. This has been fixed.
  • Previously, the Change Tendered calculation would round incorrectly in some circumstances. Rounding now occurs to two decimal places.
  • Invoices no longer print for AutoCC notices generated during daily that should of been emailed.
  • Fixed an issue where customers balances did not update correctly after processing a direct debit.

Cash Sales

  • Cash Sales transactions now correctly match off when the transaction is saved.
  • For Cash Sales, you are now able to select between the old Cash Sale screen and the new Cash Sale screen.
  • The old screen can be used for customers that may pay with a single payment method. ie: cash only.
  • The new screen can be used for customers that may pay with two or more payment methods. ie: cash and eftpos.
  • An issue where cash sale transactions would not always be set to Confirmed has been resolved.  

Agreements (IMPORTANT)

  • The customer Password field which is used for Storpay, normally found on the 'Agreement Info' tab of an Agreement has now been moved to the 'Customer Info 1' tab.
    The password field is now masked (****).

A lot of users used the above customer Password field as an identifier word and needed to be able to view it, for this:

  • A new field has been created in its place, called customer Passphrase and upon upgrade to Storman v10 the contents of customer Password are copied into customer Passphrase
    This is a one off copy and the fields are not kept in sync.

Agreements and Customers

  • Previously, Customers who had a balance owing spanning multiple Agreements would result in an incorrect balance calculation This has been fixed.
  • You can now mark the Alternate Customer as being a Secondary Customer, by using the checkbox on the Customer Info 2 tab (in line with the current Self Storage Association of Australasia agreements).
  • The Late Cycle related fields on the AutoPay/Notices tab of an Agreement can now be hidden via the Agreement Screen Edit function.
  • We have fixed a glitch, where adding new receipt to an Agreement, would either tick or untick the 'Always Allow Access' tick box.
  • Previously Agreements with multiple Units or multiple Insurance records, changing the amount or date for one would updated all others as well. This has been resolved, only one is updated.
  • Users will now be alerted if an incorrect or invalid date is entered in the Autopay date fields, for an Agreement.
  • Storman can now support customer email addresses longer than or Eg:
  • It is now possible to view previous attachments that have been sent to customers, from the Notice History section in an Agreement.
  • An issue where the Days Overdue field in an Agreement would not update correctly after adding a receipt or charge has been resolved
  • Moveout prorata credits and charges are now calculated correctly for Agreements with multiple units, and on multi-month billing plans. 



  • It is now possible to search using a date range for notes in Reservations
  • After printing a form for a reservation, we have fixed an issue that would display incorrect notice history records
  • When searching for a reservation, we have fixed an issue that would cause the sorted to be out of order


Sales Enquiries / Contacts

  • It is now possible to search using a date range for notes in sales enquiries
  • We have resolved two issues where any notes for a sales enquiry would not be carried over when converting to a Reservation or an Agreement.
  • Contacts now show the correct amount of merchandise when selecting multiple items
  • When saving and closing a Contact, we have resolved an issue where it would re-open
  • The same Sales Enquiry/Contact can no longer be open by two Storman Clients at the same time.  

Invoicing and Receipts

  • Receipts printed using a receipt printer (slim line) Will now correctly display the header of facility information. Company name, phone number, address etc based on what is configured in System Setup.
  • For users on Ezidebit, you are now able to add or remove a custom message at the bottom of your invoices, specifically for surcharges.
  • We have fixed an alignment issue above the Invoice Footer, for Invoices that need to be printed over more than one page.
  • The custom text box printed under the table of transactions on an Invoice, now supports five lines of text.
  • For Mac users, all the places where text would be cut off printing an invoice have been fixed.
  • We have resolved an issue where trying to resend multiple invoices to an Agreement in an email would only attach the first invoice. This is for users using the separate invoice system.
  • For Mac users. We have adjusted the font sizes across all reports and invoices, to solve the issue of text being cut off or displaying incorrectly



  • We have resolved an issue when trying to add a new Inventory Item Purchase, a previous record would be selected and no new purchases could be added.
  • New Purchases can now be added when trying to add a new Inventory Item Purchases.
  • The Inventory Count Form and Inventory Valuation Report now updates after deleting purchases from a Cash Sale


Units, Unit Types and Unit History

  • When changing the rates of Unit Types, if you were to click Next or Previous the new rage would not save. This has been resolved.
  • We have resolved an issue where users were unable to edit the Unit History for a Unit. Even if they had permission.
  • We have resolved an issue where editing Unit Types, the previous and next buttons would not save any changes made. 
  • When editing Units, the previous and next buttons would not save changes made. This has been resolved.
  • Unit History will now be automatically updated if a Unit's Unit number is changed.
  • Rent Increase History will now be automatically updated if a Unit's Unit number is changed.
  • It is no longer possible to add a new Unit in Storman, if it would mean exceeding your Unit licence. 
  • We have improved the way you can search for Units. In the Maintenance Unit menu screen, the "find button" has been replaced with a search box that will search for eligible Units as you type.


  • Cash Received Analysis report now shows cash sales charges in the correct columns rather than other.
  • The fields, Action Required and Door Size have been rearranged on the Unit Status Report. This was so the action required column would display correctly when printed in portrait.
  • There is now an option for the Cash Received Analysis report, to run this report based on the Date Banked of Transactions. Rather than just the Transaction Date.
  • We have resolved an issue where tax inclusive or exclusive would not be calculated correctly, for the Inventory Valuation Report in batch reporting.
  • The SMS delivery report will now check and compare SMS records against Contacts, Reservations and Agreements.


Notice Plans

  • We have disabled the ability to click the Next or Previous buttons when adding a new notice plan. The new Notice must be saved first.
  • It is now possible to create an SMS notice plan that can be used to send an SMS to your autopay customers XX days before they are due to be processed. For steps on how to set this up, please click here.
  • Previously, the Letter Sign Off field would show line breaks incorrectly when used in email Notices. This has been fixed.


System Setup

  • We have resolved an error that would occur when opening Maintenance > System Setup.
  • Storman will also stop asking if you would like to run Cash Books when closing System Setup.

Storman central

  • We have fixed an issue where the next invoice number for facility would not increment correctly if it was unable to request the next number from the Storman Central it is syncing to.
  • For Storman Central the automatic data purge, has had the minimum amount of days increased to 10. To accidently removing records from the day before!


Users and permissions

  • Entering or editing a users' password is now masked (****)
  • There is now a permission for being able to change the backup location for Storman in system setup.
  • The user 'Manager' has been removed

Analysis Codes 

  • Viewing Analysis Codes inside Storman Central (previously known as Multiview). Storman will only display Analysis Codes for the Site you have selected.
  • We have fixed an issue where Prorata charges would not use the Analysis Code that was defined in Unit Types and Rates. 


  • We have changed the way SMS records are saved, so there will never be any confusion if a Contact Reservation or an Agreement have similar numbers to one another.


Access Control 

  • Communication to access control systems is no longer paused after running reports.
  • For users using Sentinel with Storman. Storman is now able to create a gate log record against a customer using not only the PIN number, but the Unit number that Sentinel sends across as well.


Storman Demo

  • Our famous Storman Demo datafile has had a recent refresh!
  • The demo now includes logos on the email, letter notice plans as well as invoice headers and footers.
  • We have updated the welcome URLs to point to new pages on our website.
  • Demo customers now have a lot more information. Including photo ID types, licences, vehicle information and secondary or military contacts.
  • The demo links also now point to our new website and knowledge base 

General Storman

  • We have updated our Storman logos and images throughout Storman and Storman Central.
  • The time taken to create PDFs for invoices, statements, and reports. Has been sped up throughout Storman, by removing checks for outdated PDF drivers.
  • Throughout Storman, we have adjusted the wording of StorMan to Storman, and Multiview to Central
  • Storman will now automatically open this release note web page, relevant to the Version of Storman you have updated to.
  • We have resolved an error that would occur when opening Maintenance > System Setup.
  • Storman will also stop asking if you would like to run Cash Books when closing System Setup.



  • The latest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ package is included with any installation of Storman.
  • Firewall rules and folder permissions are automatically set with any installation of Storman.
  • Storman can now be configured from system setup to shutdown at a predefined time. To ensure data is safe when Windows updates or computer reboots are scheduled to take place
  • We have added more logging to the sending of emails, for troubleshooting.
  • You are now able to view the release notes page, for the version of Storman you are on. This can be accessed from the File Menu.
  • Throughout Storman, we have reworded the 'critical error' alert message to say 'an error has occurred'.
  • We have added indexing to the PhotoCards table, to reduce loading times in Storman.
  • For anyone using the overnight export function, please note the date formats have been changed. The export is now using the following format: YYYY/MM/DD.
  • Storman can now be configured to allow communication over HTTP instead of HTTPS for Insomniac Kiosks only.
  • Updated Storman engine to support TLS 1.2 protocol and ciphers enabling Storman to talk to servers configured to use the latest security protocols used in the upcoming PCI 3.1 specification.
  • Activity calculations which are used for various reports including the Key Statistics Report. Will now run for 31 days at month end, and 7 days during the month. As well as including deletions and changes to Transactions.
  • We have made some network changes to Storman Server, which should improve performance for users with Server/Client (multiuser) enviroments. For more information, of if you believe you are having performance issues with your Storman Server please contact our support team.  

 Unsupported and Deprecated Features

  • Since version 8.1.0: PTI Direct is not supported.
  • Since version 9.1.0: Invoice, Receipt & Quote Design is not supported.
  • Removed support for the Ezidebit EDMS integration as this is now a legacy product.


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