Storman v10.0.20 to v10.0.36
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Agreements and Moveouts

  • We have resolved an issue where credits or charges are calculated incorrectly for Agreements with multiple units, and on multi-month billing plans. 


Users and Permissions


  • There is now a permission for being able to change the backup location for Storman in system setup.
  • The user 'Manager' has been removed


Credit Card Encryption

  • We have introduced an encryption method for storing Credit Cards within Storman. This applies to users that use both a tokenized and non tokenized payment merchant.


General Storman

  • Our Storman API documentation has been updated! Please click here to view.
  • You are now able to view the release notes page, for the version of Storman you are on. This can be accessed from the File Menu.
  • We have improved the way you can search for Units. In the Maintenance Unit menu screen, the "find button" has been replaced with a search box that will search for eligible Units as you type.
  • Throughout Storman, we have reworded the 'critical error' alert message to say 'an error has occurred'.
  • Storman can now export to Xero Online.


Notice Plans and Daily Processing

  • We have resolved an issue where notice plans could be addressed to an incorrect customer, after a recently created Reservation.
  • It is now possible to create an SMS notice plan that can be used to send an SMS to your autopay customers XX days before they are due to be processed. For steps on how to set this up, please click here.
  • For BPay users, BPay transactions have been added to their own autopay report at the start of Daily Processing.

Storman and BPay

Storman now supports and integrates with BPay (AU)

  • For Storman Users with BPay, we have renamed 'Customer Reference Number' to 'BPay Reference' on the AutoPay & Notices tab of a Agreements and Reservations. 
  • We have also removed the hard coded BillerCode number from Storman Invoices, this should now be displayed on the invoice footer.

Please click here to view our knowledge base article on BPay, and how to configure this in Storman.


Unit Types and Units 

  • We have resolved an issue where editing Unit Types, the previous and next buttons would not save any changes made.
  • When editing Units, the previous and next buttons would not save changes made. This has been resolved.
  • Unit History will now be automatically updated if a Unit's Unit number is changed.
  • Rent Increase History will now be automatically updated if a Unit's Unit number is changed. It is no longer possible to add a new Unit in Storman, if it would mean exceeding your Unit licence.


Direct Debits and Transactions

  • After closing a direct debit transaction that has been processed, the alert stating 'this transaction has not been processed...continue?' has been removed.
  • We have resolved an issue with processing refunds through cash sales, for users using Ezidebit.



  • There is now an option for the Cash Received Analysis report, to run this report based on the Date Banked of Transactions. Rather than just the Transaction Date.
  • We have resolved an issue where tax inclusive or exclusive would not be calculated correctly, for the Inventory Valuation Report in batch reporting.



  • We have made some network changes to Storman Server, which should improve performance for users with Server/Client (multiuser) enviroments. For more information, of if you believe you are having performance issues with your Storman Server please contact our support team. 



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