Storman v10.0.26
Posted by Jonathon Wildon, Last modified by Jonathon Wildon on 13 June 2018 11:43 AM

Version: Storman v10.0.26
Released: 1 December 2016

Credit Card Encryption

  • We have introduced an encryption method for storing Credit Cards within Storman. This applies to users that use both a tokenized and non tokenized payment merchant.

General Storman 

  • You are now able to view the release notes page, for the version of Storman you are on. This can be accessed from the File Menu.
  • We have improved the way you can search for Units. In the Maintenance Unit menu screen, the "find button" has been replaced with a search box that will search for eligible Units as you type.
  • Throughout Storman, we have reworded the 'critical error' alert message to say 'an error has occurred'.


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