So... you're new to StorMan?
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Welcome to Storman!

Thank you for installing / trying / testing a copy of Storman Software - the leading management software for Mac & PC. You are currently browsing our Technical Support Knowledgebase, which contains hundreds of articles, screenshots, how-to movies and printable booklets. We have provided links to a number of articles (below) which we think might be useful to you as a new user - but feel free to get in touch with us if you need some assistance or training.


I've just started Storman - what now?

The main screen that opens is called the Storman Dashboard. We have a detailed knowledgebase article about the Dashboard - there's even a movie & printable step-by-step guide to walk you through the various different sections!


I want to watch a movie first!

If you want to watch an introductory movie about the Storman Demo, you can do so right now by clicking the relevant link below...

If you'd prefer to watch a live demonstration instead, please visit our Training & Events - Session Times page to find out when the next live webcast is due to be held.


How do I login to Storman?

Storman's login screen is accessible via File, then Login. The Storman demo datafile (Demonstration Storage Company) has two logins by default; each with different permission-levels, depending on what areas of the program you wish to access. These are outlined below...

  • To login as a Manager, use a username of manager and a password of manager
  • To login as an Owner, use a username of admin and a password of storman
  • If you have purchased a copy of Storman, we will have used the usernames & passwords that you supplied on your Application Form


Quickstart Guide

We have developed a handy Quickstart Guide, outlining some of the core functions of Storman. We highly recommend that you download and read this guide (a printed copy is also supplied to you when you purchase Storman).


How can I get help, technical support & training?

  • If you are using a trial version of Storman, please contact your nearest Sales office for assistance or a pre-sales demonstration. Alternatively, you may also be interested in watching one of our free "Introduction to Storman" recordings.
  • If you have purchased a copy of Storman, you will have received a 5-digit site code which you can use to access telephone-based Technical Support as well as this entire knowledgebase (although you'll need to log into myStorman first via this link). If you're new to our software packages, you may wish to participate in one of our free "Introduction to Storman" webcasts.
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