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StorMan v8 Release Information

Every year or so, we release a major new software update which literally contains hundreds of new features & bug fixes. This year, our flagship version 8 release is no different - with each and every screen recoloured & redesigned, as well as stacks & stacks of new features for you play with (including many features that some of you have asked us for!).

As this version includes a number of important changes, we have created a series of resources to help you smoothly transition to the new version. To find out more, please peruse our various sections below. Should you have any questions or comments about our v8 release, please get in touch with your nearest StorMan office.


What's changed in v8?

Major changes include the following...

  • The 'Letter Graphics' menu item (on the Maintenance menu) has been renamed to 'Notice Graphics'
  • The 'Marketing Types' menu item (on the Maintenance menu) has been renamed to 'Types & Categories'
  • The 'Notices Details' menu item (on the Maintenance menu) has been renamed to 'Notice Details'
  • The 'Invoice Setup' menu item (on the Maintenance menu) has been renamed to 'Invoice & Receipt Setup'
  • The 'Cashbook Accounts' menu item (on the Accounting menu) has been renamed to 'Chart of Accounts'
  • The 'CCard & Letters' tab (on an Agreement) has been renamed to 'AutoPay/Notices'
  • The 'Quotes and Letters' tab (on a Sales Enquiry) has been renamed to 'Quotes & Notices'
  • View the full list via our changelog...


What's new in v8?

  • All StorMan screens (forms) have been redesigned to include a new standardised look (a variant on the v7 look)
  • Waiting list feature for sales enquiries
  • You can disable automatic rent increases on a per-agreement basis
  • You can create merchandise discount plans (eg: buy 10 boxes, get 20% off)
  • You can disable the sending of notices if a customer's balance is equal to, or less than, $0
  • You can tell StorMan to only generate the 'header' on emailed invoices (and not for letters - this is to allow for pre-printed letterhead)
  • You can send a customer's data-files directly to StorMan Technical Support, via the customer's Event Log tab (on their agreement screen)
  • You can control part-payments and set what happens to the late cycle when you take them (including disabling)
  • You can add reserved units to existing agreements
  • You can force StorMan to permit only one unit per agreement
  • You can record the cash received on a receipt and StorMan will calculate the change to give the customer
  • Viewing the transaction history is now achieved via a dropdown menu (you can set the default dropdown-view via 'System Setup')
  • You can set billing plans to inactive (this only prevents selecting it for new agreements; existing agreements on this plan are not affected)
  • You can search the myStorMan support knowledgebase directly from the StorMan Dashboard
  • You can disable the waiving of late fees altogether
  • You can link directly to the technical support article (in the myStorMan knowledgebase) for any screen by clicking the 'Learn more...' link
  • You can charge a fee per gate access
  • The daily processing screens now show much more information
  • You can charge a fee when an invoice is printed
  • All reports are now available in Batch Print & Email (includes a marker for those that are not able to be printed historically)
  • The auto-logout feature now has an option to be based on key presses/mouse movement
  • The backup system has been completely redesigned
  • View the full list via our changelog...
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