Storman v10.0.06
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Important Information

Please read this document to get an understanding of the changes that are in version 10 and the effects on you: How to prepare to install Storman v10

Important: Storman Online Reporting currently does not connect to servers running Storman v10.0.6.

Impact Statement

Storman v10 is a major release and as such, has a number of impacts that need to be considered:

  1. In Version 10, we no longer support merchants that do not “tokenise” their credit cards. Tokenizing is a secure way of processing your customer’s credit cards and bank accounts. Instead of insecurely sending their information over the internet!
  2. If you already have a payment provider or merchant that is configured in your current Version of Storman. You may need to contact them to change your account to a token system. We can help you with this.
  3. If you remain with or on a payment provider that does not tokenise credit cards, Storman v10 will not support and will not process Transactions/Payments for your customers.
  4. Storman v10 now supports the PDF Printer that is built into Microsoft Windows 10. This means that you do not need to use PDF Creator if you are using Windows 10!
  5. Storman v10 uses encryption to keep data secure. This means all password fields are now masked with *****
  6. Passwords for staff and users using Storman v10 are now case sensitive and use a new stronger encryption method. If you are using the Complex Password setting in System Setup, passwords will be reset to your Facility Code and will need to be changed again for each user.
  7. The Storman API now has increased security and Version control. If your company’s website communicates directly to Storman for payments or reservations, please advise your website developer or team to as there may be changes that need to be made to your website before you upgrade to Storman v10.


Release Notes

These release notes contain a list of all the changes and fixes we have made in Storman v10.0.6, compared to version v9.3.15. If you have any questions or comments about this release, please get in touch with your nearest StorMan office.

Storman Central (previously known as Multiview)

  • Storman Central (previously known as Multiview) can now be configured to automatically delete records from the following tables: EventLog, Gatelog, Letters and UnitStatusTrx. This will improve performance and reduce disk space use.
  • We have fixed an issue with the Next Invoice Number not incrementally correctly when it was unable to request the next number from Storman Central.
  • Storman can now be configured to shutdown at a defined time to ensure data integrity when system patching or reboots are due to take place.

Storman One


  • A new feature has been added where Agreement notes can now be searched for by dates and within a date range.
  • In line with the SSAA agreement there is now a field to record customers who wish to opt out of marketing after moving out.
  • We have removed a ‘no permission’ alert, when trying to add a receipt to an Agreement. If a user actually has permission.
  • On certain credit card upload screens, we have removed a double up of buttons.
  • When searching for an Agreement, we have fixed an issue that would cause the Reservation window to appear instead.
  • We had identified a rare issue that could cause Transactions to become corrupt and/or not save correctly. Especially for Agreements and Reservations. This has now been fixed.


  • After printing a form for a Reservation, we have fixed an issue that would display incorrect Notice History records.
  • When searching for a Reservation, we have fixed an issue that would cause the sorting to be out of order.
  • Fixed an error that appeared when trying to add a new Reservation on Mac.

Sales Enquiries / Contacts

  • Sales Enquries / Contacts now show the correct amount of merchandise when selecting multiple items.
  • When saving and closing a Sales Enquiry we have resolved an issue where it would re-open.

Invoicing and Cash Sales

  • If you print an invoice and there are no Transactions available to print the system will now alert you.
  • When processing a manual direct debit for a Customer that has more than one Agreement, the remaining balance would be incorrect. This has been adjusted to calculate correctly.
  • When creating a new Cash Sale directly after another, we have fixed an issue where the previous transactions would be viewable in the new sale.

Daily Processing

  • At the start of Daily Processing, we have resolved an issue where unconfirmed receipts could load incorrect letter and email templates.
  • The Daily Lock list now fits fully within both landscape and portrait pages.
  • During Daily Processing, the delay before loading the email template for each notice has been removed.

Reports and Exports

  • The Bank Reconciliation summary report now prints and displays correctly at the end of Bank Reconciliation.
  • Invalid characters have been removed that could be displayed in the Summary of Discounts report.
  • In the Daily Summary Report, we have reworded the status of autopay receipts. These will be either ‘Recurring’ or ‘Previously Processed’. Depending on whether or not the payment has been processed.
  • If a negative amount was present, this could cause a MYOB export to be calculated incorrectly. This has been adjusted to account for both positive and negative transactions.

Payment Integrator Changes

For AuthorizeNet CIM users

  • When attempting to process a payment for AuthorizeNet CIM we have fixed an issue where Storman would time out, before receiving a response back.

For NAB Users

  • When uploading a new customer, we have fixed an issue where credit card profiles would not be created correctly.

For Advam users

  • For users on Advam StoredPAN, the delete profile button is hidden from the Agreement screen. Profiles can only be deleted from system setup.
  • For New Zealand Advam users, we have removed extra digits that are added to bank account numbers.
  • For Advam users on the Agreement screen, we have removed a double up of the Bank Name field.

For Ezidebit Users

  • Version 10 no longer provides support for an older style of Ezidebit integration. Clients on the older integration will need to be upgraded by us to use a new (and more feature rich) integration.
  • Digital and Public keys for Ezidebit users are saved in the correct format, and cannot be changed.

Storman API

  • The Storman API now has version control, and it is recommended that all users using our API upgrade to at least Version 1 of our API calls.
  • Storman Web Services for the API and syncing are now only available via HTTPS/TLS1.2. A basic self-signed certificate is included with the Storman Server installation.
  • Our API Documentation has been updated to reflect this, however if you have any questions or concerns please contact

Technical Notes

  • The Storman structure and engine has been upgraded to 4D v15, which provides better support for current operating systems, stability and includes new features.
  • The latest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ package is included with any installation of Storman.
  • Firewall rules and folder permissions are automatically set with any installation of Storman.


How to get this release

The upgrade is available upon request to all clients on a valid and paid-up Support & Upgrades Subscription. Please contact support and request an upgrade.

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