Storman v10.0.10
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Important Information

Please read this document to get an understanding of the changes that are in version 10 and the effects on you: How to prepare to install Storman v10

Important: Storman Online Reporting currently does not connect to servers running Storman v10.0.10.

Important note: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Storman such as version 8 or version 9, you should ensure you read the Impact statement below.


Release Notes for Storman v10.0.10

These release notes contain a list of all the changes and fixes we have made in Storman v10.0.10. If you have any questions or comments about this release, please get in touch with your nearest StorMan office.

Customers and Agreements

  • The Customer Password field normally found on the 'Agreement Info' tab of an Agreement, has now been moved to the 'Customer Info 1' tab. The password field is now masked.
  • A lot of users used the above Customer Password field as an identifer word and needed to be able to view it. For this a new field has been created in its place, called Customer Passphrase. Upon upgrade to Storman v10.0.10 the contents of Customer Password are copied into Customer Passphrase. Note: this is a one off copy and the fields are not kept in sync

Invoicing and Receipts

  • Receipts printed using a receipt printer (slim line) Will now correctly display the header of facility information. Company name, phone number, address etc based on what is configured in System Setup.

Daily Processing

  • We have fixed an occasional issue where during Daily Processing random late fees could be added to Agreements and Credit Sales.


  • We have resolved an issue when trying to add a new Inventory Item Purchase, a previous record would be selected and no new purchases could be added.
  • New Purchases can now be added when trying to add a new Inventory Item Purchases.
  • The Inventory Count Form and Inventory Valuation Report now updates after deleting purchases from a Cash Sale

Gate System - BearBox (UK)

  • If you are in the UK and using Storman with BearBox. Storman will now alert you if it is unable to contact the gate server, rather than displaying an error.
  • When removing additional access users, Storman would not remove the record completely. This has been fixed.


How to get this release

The upgrade is available upon request to all clients on a valid and paid-up Support & Upgrades Subscription. Please contact support and request an upgrade.

Impact Statement

Storman v10 is a major release and as such, has a number of impacts that need to be considered:

  1. In Version 10, we no longer support merchants that do not “tokenise” their credit cards. Tokenizing is a secure way of processing your customer’s credit cards and bank accounts. Instead of insecurely sending their information over the internet!
  2. If you already have a payment provider or merchant that is configured in your current Version of Storman. You may need to contact them to change your account to a token system. We can help you with this.
  3. If you remain with or on a payment provider that does not tokenise credit cards, Storman v10 will not support and will not process Transactions/Payments for your customers.
  4. Storman v10 now supports the PDF Printer that is built into Microsoft Windows 10. This means that you do not need to use PDF Creator if you are using Windows 10!
  5. Storman v10 uses encryption to keep data secure. This means all password fields are now masked with *****
  6. Passwords for staff and users using Storman v10 are now case sensitive and use a new stronger encryption method. If you are using the Complex Password setting in System Setup, passwords will be reset to your Facility Code and will need to be changed again for each user.
  7. The Storman API now has increased security and Version control. If your company’s website communicates directly to Storman for payments or reservations, please advise your website developer or team to as there may be changes that need to be made to your website before you upgrade to Storman v10.
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