Storman v10.0.13
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Important Information

Please read this document to get an understanding of the changes that are in version 10 and the effects on you: How to prepare to install Storman v10

Important: Storman Online Reporting currently does not connect to servers running Storman v10.0.13.

Important note: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Storman such as version 8 or version 9, you should ensure you read the Impact statement below.


Release Notes for Storman v10.0.13

These release notes contain a list of all the changes and fixes we have made in Storman v10.0.13. If you have any questions or comments about this release, please get in touch with your nearest Storman office.

Cash Sales

  • For Cash Sales, you are now able to select between the old Cash Sale screen and the new Cash Sale screen.
  • The old screen can be used for customers that may pay with a single payment method. ie: cash only.
  • The new screen can be used for customers that may pay with two or more payment methods. ie: cash and eftpos.

Daily Processing

  • When trying to login, if Daily Processing is already being run on another computer. You will not be able to login until this is completed.
  • In the Lock List Report that is printed at the end of Daily Processing, the title 'Days' has been changed to 'Days Stayed'.
  • For autopay during Daily Processing, we have reworded the alert that states 'There are 0 credit cards to process. Would you like to process now?'. This now says 'There are no credit cards to process.'


  • For users on Ezidebit, you are now able to add or remove a custom message at the bottom of your invoices, specifically for surcharges.
  • We have fixed an alignment issue above the Invoice Footer, for Invoices that need to be printed over more than one page.


  • The time taken to create PDFs for invoices, statements, and reports. Has been sped up throughout Storman, by removing checks for outdated PDF drivers.

Misc Changes

  • Throughout Storman, we have adjusted the wording of StorMan to Storman, and Multiview to Central.
  • Storman will now automatically open this release note web page, relevant to the Version of Storman you have updated to.


How to get this release

The upgrade is available upon request to all clients on a valid and paid-up Support & Upgrades Subscription. Please contact support and request an upgrade.

Impact Statement

Storman v10 is a major release and as such, has a number of impacts that need to be considered:

  1. In Version 10, we no longer support merchants that do not “tokenise” their credit cards. Tokenizing is a secure way of processing your customer’s credit cards and bank accounts. Instead of insecurely sending their information over the internet!
  2. If you already have a payment provider or merchant that is configured in your current Version of Storman. You may need to contact them to change your account to a token system. We can help you with this.
  3. If you remain with or on a payment provider that does not tokenise credit cards, Storman v10 will not support and will not process Transactions/Payments for your customers.
  4. Storman v10 now supports the PDF Printer that is built into Microsoft Windows 10. This means that you do not need to use PDF Creator if you are using Windows 10!
  5. Storman v10 uses encryption to keep data secure. This means all password fields are now masked with *****
  6. Passwords for staff and users using Storman v10 are now case sensitive and use a new stronger encryption method. If you are using the Complex Password setting in System Setup, passwords will be reset to your Facility Code and will need to be changed again for each user.
  7. The Storman API now has increased security and Version control. If your company’s website communicates directly to Storman for payments or reservations, please advise your website developer or team to as there may be changes that need to be made to your website before you upgrade to Storman v10.
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