Where is my Storman datafile stored & what is the file called?
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The datafile of Storman is essentially your database. It is critical you do not move this file without first consulting Storman support as you might crash your Storman program. In the case where you need to find your datafile to run manual backups you will find their location below.


Finding your Storman datafile's name & location (for Storman One)

  1. In Storman, select Help, then About.
  2. Select the Datafile tab. Your Storman datafile name & location is shown here in the Current datafile field.


Finding your Storman datafile's name & location (for Storman Central)

  1. Open the Administration window in the Storman Server application,
  2. Click Application Server. Your Storman datafile name & location is shown here.


Datafile locations

Please find below, a list of common datafile locations for Storman.

Storman version OS Location
Storman v9.1.5 (and below) ALL C:\Program files\Storman\Datafile\
Storman v9.1.6 (and above) Windows XP C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\Storman\
Storman v9.1.6 (and above) Windows Vista (and above) C:\ProgramData\Storman\
Storman v9.1.6 (and above) Mac OSX Users/Shared/Storman/


Tips to help you locate the correct datafile

Note: While the file extension of your actual datafile will be .4DD, you will generally also need it's accompanying files as well. As such, once you have located your datafile, be sure to include all files with the same prefix as well.

  • The datafile is usually called facilityname.4DD (where facilityname is the name of your facility.) For example: If your company is called ABC Storage Brisbane West, then your datafile will probably be called abc.4DD, abcstorage.4DD or brisbanewest.4DD.
  • Check the file's Date modified field on your computer and ensure that it is fairly recent.
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