Incremental Backups
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What are incremental backups?

Incremental Backups in Storman, are a way to backup only the data that has changed. Since your last full backup.
This is especially useful for reducing the amount of time it takes for Storman to backup. As well as reducing internet usage, if backing up to a cloud based system. Such as: GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox etc.


Below is an example of Storman, configured to run a full backup every day at the start of Daily Processing. With increments set to be created every three hours.


How do I enable incremental backups?

1. Open System Setup from the Maintenance menu

2. Set the number (in minutes for Storman to create an increment). The minimum is 30mins, anything under this and the increments will not be created.


3. Backup increments are saved in the same location that has been configured for the normal, full backups.
In the above example, the backup location is C:\Storman Backups 


What are recommended settings for incremental backups?

Below are scenarios that are recommended by Storman for incremental backups. 

1. Weekly backups with daily increments - this will:

  • Backup once a week
  • Every Monday at 9am
  • Create one increment every day

2. Daily backups with half hourly increments - this will:

  • Backup every day at 6pm
  • Create an increment every half hour

3. For larger datafiles, (Storman Central for example). Storman could be configured for once a month backups - this will:

  • Backup once a month
  • On the first day of every month
  • Backup at 1am
  • Create one increment every day




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