Configuring Storman to Export to Xero
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Important: Please note that Storman DOES NOT support the Cash Accounting method; only Accruals.

This article refers to accounting terminology and requires setup in both Storman and Xero. You may wish to have your accountant on hand during the setup process.

This article assumes that you already have Xero setup with you account information & general ledger. If not, please view the knowledgebase on exporting chart of accounts to Xero.

Storman is not responsible for the accuracy or relevancy of this information, as Xero is not our product. Please seek advice from your accountant to correct Xero setup procedures.

  1. Navigate to: Selecting Accounting package
  2. Select the Package
  3. Setup Analysis Codes
  4. Setup Chart of Accounts

Navigate to: Selecting Accounting package

Navigate to the accounting tab under system setup to begin.

Select the Package

  • In the Accounting & Financial Data Collection section, select Xero from the dropdown next to Configure for Export to.
  • Enter your currency (NZD or AUD) in the Currency Code under Currency Settings.

Setup Analysis Codes

Now we need to configure the analysis codes for the invoice journal export;

  • Select Maintenance, then Analysis Codes
  • Ensure you are viewing the Charges screen (you can change this using the dropdown at the bottom of the window), then double-click the analysis code you wish to edit
  • Enter the GL Code that you wish to use; these should correspond to the Xero Chart of Account codes that you want those items to map to.
    • Note 1:  When entering a new GL Code, you will be prompted by Storman to create a new code in the Chart of Accounts. Click Yes to this.
    • Note 2:  Although GL Codes have to be unique you are able to use the same GL code for multiple Analysis codes. This means that all transactions from those Analysis Codes will be linked to the same account in Xero.
  • Click Done to Save & Close

Setup Chart of Accounts

You will now need to set up the Chart of Accounts in Storman so that they match the accounts as they appear in Xero;

  • Select Accounting, then Chart of Accounts
  • As the account number will have already been created from the Analysis Codes, all that is required is to enter the Description. Please ensure that the Description matches the name of the account in Xero.
  • Depending on the type of account you wish to map to in Xero you can use may use letters “P” for Revenue/Income, “D” for Current Assets, “C” for Current Liabilities and “S” for Other Equity Accounts. (see example for Rental Fee (type P) below)

  • Click Done to Save and Close

Once you have completed the above tasks, your system will then be ready to export to Xero;



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