What reports are available using Storman Reporting?
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The following reports are available to access and download from our Reporting portal, directly from your Storman!

For a more detailed description and break down of a report, please click on the report name to go to the knowledge base article specific to that report.

Report Category Report Name Description





90 Day Cash Actual  This report shows the total receipts for each day, over the last 3 months.
Monthly Comparison  This report can be used to compare occupancy, and occupied value from the current date back to previous years.
Monthly Summary  This report is useful if you want to compare the income received between months
Projected Charges  This report calculates the income to be charged for the coming 12 months.
Summary of Cash Received  This report shows all transactions that have been banked during the month.
Summary of Charges  This report shows the total amount charged for the month, for each active Customer in Storman.





Arrears Report  This report shows either active Customers that have a total balance owing more than their normal rent, or have a total balance owing greater than a certain number of days.
Aged Receivables  This report will show active Customers whose balance owing is not equal to zero.
Customer Balances Report  This report shows the balances and charges / payments for individual customers, as well as totals.
List of Waived Late Fees  This report will show a list of late fees that have been waived for any active customers.
Lien Status Report  This report shows all active Customers that are currently in the late cycle.
Overdues Report  This report shows all active Customers whose balance owing is more than the 'Minimum Balance for Arrears'.
Rental Audit Report  This report checks for differences or errors and can find gaps of rent that has or should have been billed between certain months.

Insurance and Inventory
Insurance Owing Report  This report shows all active Customers which are listed as owing insurance.
Insurance Summary Report  This report shows insurance activity for a month.
Inventory Count Form  This report shows a list of inventory items, and the current quantity on hand.
Inventory Pricing Report  This report shows the pricing for all inventory items, as at the time of printing.
Inventory Valuation Report  This report shows the movement of merchandise items during a month.


Operational Management  

Allow Access  
Key Statistics Report  This report is a snapshot of the key indicators of a Facility or Site, some of the information is only updated as at the previous day.
Petty Cash  This report shows a statement of Petty Cash purchases for a date range.
Paid to Date Agreements Report  This report shows the balance owing for an active customer, based off their Paid to Date.
Reservations Summary  This report shows a summary of all active Reservations, their expected movein date, space reserved and any deposits.
Rent in Advance (Prepaid Report)  This report shows a summary of prepaid income.
SMS Delivery  This report shows a list of recent SMS messages that have been sent.
Stamp Duty  
Staff Conversion Report  This report is used to show the amount of Sales Enquiries that have been taken, closed and/or converted. Per staff member.

Average Length of Stay Report This report can show the average length of stay for each Unit or for each Customer Type.
Customer Analysis Report  This report shows the most successful form of marketing to customers, based on what is recorded in Storman
Sales Enquiry Report  
Sales Promotions  
Sales Enquiries and Contacts  

Autopay Report  This report displays a list of active Customers who are currently paying by 'Autopay'
Cash Received Analysis Report  This report shows payments that have been received by active Customers, and how they have been applied to each account.
Deposits Held Report  This report shows all deposits held which may or may not need to be refunded to Customers when they move out.
Income Charged Report  This report shows all transactions that have been billed/charged during a date range.
Income Received Report  This report shows all payments that have been received during a date range.
Income Occupancy Reconciliation Report  This report shows rent that has been billed, as well as the normal rate of a unit (if different to the previous). As well as income that has come in for these.
Rental Increase Report  This report shows either previous or future rental increases for active Customers.
Rental Rate Variation Report  This report shows detailed information of which Units are not rented at their regular price/rate.
Summary of Discounts Report  This report shows any discounts that have been given to any Customers during a month.

Units and Occupancy
Anticipated Move-Outs Report  This report shows how many of each Unit Type are expected to become available for rent in the next few weeks or months.
Graph of Occupancy Report  This report shows the move ins and move outs, of a date range.
Notice to Vacate Report  This report shows active Customers who have given notice to move out.
Occupancy Report  This report shows detailed information for Occupancy.
Unit Activity Report  This report shows, day by day, the move ins and move outs for a date range.
Unit Type Listing  This report shows a list of all Unit Types, the Units in each type and the monthly rate.
Unit Status Report  This report shows the status of all Units.
Vacant Units Report  This report shows a list of all Vacant Units.


How do I get Storman Reporting?

Storman Reporting is an add-on that is free of charge. Please inquire with our sales department.

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