Configuring Storman to use the API
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Configuring your Storman can be done by following these steps below:


Step 1: Configuring Storman for Web Access

The Storman Web Service can only be contacted using the Storman Server application. The server publishes information about the available web services in a WSDL file, which can be accessed at the following URL:


Accessing the Storman Web Service across the internet may involve any of the following:

  • Static IP address for the server computer
  • External to Internal port forwarding
  • Incoming and outgoing traffic to be allowed through any internal or external firewalls.

In some cases the ports that Storman publishes it's web server may need to be changed, if multiple instances of Storman are being run on the same machine. Or if another application is using the same ports. These settings can be changed from the Storman Server administrator window.

Server Admin Window

Edit > Database Settings > Structure Settings

Web Settings > Configuration > HTTPS
Note: The "Launch Web Server at Startup" does not need to be ticked. As this is started automatically from within Storman.



Step 2: Testing the connection

Once the above has been setup and is running, it is now time to check that the WSDL file can be loaded. To do this simply enter the following address into a browser on the same computer Storman, or any other computer connected on the same network

A successful connection will display the WSDL in XML format in your browser example below.

Step 3: Communicate to Storman

Once the above has been configuired and is contactable, next we will need to define a web service password. To set this, please login to Storman and go to Maintenance > System Setup> Security. Here you are able to set the Web Service password, this will be required for all calls to Storman. If this is ever changed, your website/web app will need to be updated!


Step 4: Send and Receive information!

You are now ready to start sending and receiving information to and from Storman. Please visit the below link to find our documentation and see what you are now able to do.


Documentation and Contact

Storman API documentation can be found at

Please feel free to contact the team with any questions




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