System Setup - Tab 4: Banking
Posted by Cameron Telfer on 01 July 2016 10:00 AM

This article explains what each field is and does under the banking tab in system setup.

  • The Banking section is used to set your bank account information, which will display on your invoice footer & AutoPay form (unless you complete the AutoPay Banking section; described below). You can also reference these fields from any Notice.
  • Direct Debit Export is used to set whether you want Direct Debits to be exported to your bank for processing.

Note: This feature is only supported in New Zealand and only by ANZ, BNZ, ASB & National Bank. Furthermore, the Direct Debit Auth. No is only required when exporting to BNZ.

  • Enter details into the AutoPay Banking section if you want to display different banking details (ie: those in the Banking section) on your AutoPay forms. AutoPay forms can be generated from the AutoPay tab on Agreements & Reservations.
  • Enter a URL into the External payment system section if you process payments via 3rd-party website, such as PayPal. If you enter a URL here, an additional button (titled Open Web Page) will appear on the Transactions tab of all Agreements and Other Credit Sales.
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