Rental Variation History report
Posted by Cameron Telfer, Last modified by Duncan Clarke on 20 December 2017 05:35 PM

This report is accessed via Reports, then Auditing sub menu. This report shows a historical view to rents. The report will display the "unit number" for each change in rental. For example if there were 3 changes in rented value for the same unit over a 12 month period then there will be 3 entries for that unit number depicting each change in rental. It can also include Units rented at list price. The first column shows the "date of the change", the second column shows the full "Unit number", the third column shows the "size of the Unit", the fourth column shows the "list price" if entered in "Types & Rates" (on the Maintenance menu), the fifth column shows the "Rented price" & the last column shows the variance between the list price and the rented price as at the date of the report.

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