Rental Rate Variation report
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This report is accessed via Reports, then the Management sub menu. This report will provide a detailed report showing which Units / Vaults are not rented at the regular list price. It lists all Units whose rental values fall into this category and the user can choose whether  to include "Over-rented Units" (those that have been rented out for more than the list price). The second option, Include Units only showing BillPlan Discount / Include Vaults only showing BillPlan Discount lets you choose whether you want to include or exclude those Agreements who only have a discount relating to their billing plan, and do not have an ‘extra’ discount. An "Extra Discount" is a reduction in the list price outside of a Billing plan discount. I.e. it is those discounts given by adjusting the "Regular Rent" amount on the Agreement info page. A customer can therefore have a discount that is determined by the Billing Plan that they are on AND a Discount (Extra Discount) from adjusting the Regular rent. This report will show both.

Those Units with a rental increase pending can be excluded by selecting the "Exclude Agreements with a pending rental increase" option box. These units will not be shown in the report.

"Only show Units with Last Rent Increase prior to" option allows the report to exclude units with a rental increase date after the date entered; for example if the 1-10-2016 was entered then the report would only show units with a rental increase that was completed PRIOR to the 1-10-2016 and not after.

"Include all Rented Units" will show all units that have an active agreement (Rented) within the facility. This option will over-ride the "Exclude Agreements with a pending rental increase" and "Only show Units with Last Rent Increase prior to"

The report shows the Unit and Customer details, the full monthly rate, the actual rented rate, the billing plan discount and the ‘extra’ discount. The report can be sorted by Unit Type, Customer Name and Last Rent Increase date.


The Key to the report column names is:

FMR: Full Monthly Rate

AVR: Actual Rented Value

BPD: Billing Plan Discount

ED: Extra Discount

LRID: Last Rent Increase Date

PRA: Prior Rent Amount

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