Insurance Summary report
Posted by Cameron Telfer, Last modified by Duncan Clarke on 20 December 2017 05:41 PM

This report is based on Insurance Summaries for currently active customers as date run for and can be accessed via Reports, then Insurance. This report shows insurance activity for the month. You can choose to include all policies in the report, or include only those that have been billed this month. You may have more than one type of insurance, and may have set a couple of your analysis codes to have an analysis category of ‘Insurance’ – selecting the first option will pick up all such insurance transactions, selecting the second option will mean that only transactions that have an analysis code of ‘IN’ are included in the report. You can also choose whether you want to sort by commencement date or by the value of the premium.

The policy number, insurance value and commencement date are the values from the Agreements’ Access and Insurance tab.

The Agreement is considered to have a new policy if the insurance commencement date falls in the month of the report. If the commencement date has not been recorded, Agreements who have been charged insurance and whose move in date falls within the period are listed as new policies.

The Premium column shows the insurance amount that has been charged to the Agreement during the month. The Paid column shows payment transactions that have been received during the month that are matched against an insurance charge.

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