Income Occupancy Reconciliation report
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This report is accessed via Reports, then Management. This report shows the Agreement number, Unit number, Customer name as well as the following figures:

  • Billed This Month - the total amount of rent amount billed /charged to this Agreement during this month.
  • Last prepaid – the amount of rent billed in advance as at the beginning of this month.
  • This prepaid – the amount of rent billed in advance as at the end of this month.
  • ARI (Actual Rental Income This Month) – This is the sum of the first 3 columns and calculates the amount of rental income for this Agreement for this month; It is the amount billed this month, adjusted for rent billed in advance.
  • Actual OV (Actual Occupied Value) – This is the amount of rent that this Berth / Unit / Vault would be charged if it were occupied on the last day of this month; This is what the Occupancy Report shows if printed for this date.
  • Variance – This is the difference between the Actual Rental Income and the Occupied Value Actual and shows any variance between the Income for the month and what the occupancy report shows at the end of the month.
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