Deposits Held report
Posted by Cameron Telfer, Last modified by Duncan Clarke on 20 December 2017 05:42 PM

This report is accessed via Reports, then Accounting. This report shows all the deposits currently held by your business which could potentially be refunded to the Customer on moveout. The deposit amount is the amount shown on the individual Agreement’s Agreement Info page. The report will pick up all active Agreements, although you can choose to exclude Agreements that have a deposit held of $0.

The report shows the Agreement number, the Units occupied, the move in date, Customer name, and the amount of the deposit held. The report can be sorted by move in date or by Unit number.

Important changes to this report in v9

The existing (v8.1.X and below) Deposits Held report simply reported off whatever the Deposit value was on the Agreement Info or Reservation Info tab of a Customer’s account. However this is inaccurate as the Deposit may not have actually have been charged out, or was charged at Move In and then deleted by Staff, or alternately one was charged but the Deposit value on the Info tab was set to 0.

The new version of this report, available in Storman v9 (and higher) will give an accurate account of the Deposits Held as it is based on the Transactions themselves. So if a Deposit was charged out but never credited back it would appear on this report, or the reverse if a Deposit was never charged but had been credited it would also appear. The way to handle these is for the Deposit to be written off via a Credit Deposit for the original amount. Any outstanding credit should then be written off to another charge i.e. Rental Fee.

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