Unit Status report
Posted by Cameron Telfer, Last modified by Duncan Clarke on 20 December 2017 05:33 PM

This report is accessed via Reports, then Unit. As the name suggests, this report shows you the status of your Units. The report shows you the Unit type, size, it’s status (reserved / vacant / rented…), the number of days it has been vacant or rented, whether it’s overdue, the name of the Customer renting it - or the monthly rate, if the Unit is vacant. As of StorMan v8, you can also show Units of a certain lock status.

You can select however many status types you want to appear on the report, for example you may just want a list of vacant Units only. You can also choose to print the report so that the Unit comments are printed beside the Unit details, as well as a checkbox if you want to remind yourself to check any of the listed Units.

The comments that are printed on the report are the comments that you have added to the Unit details under the Maintenance menu, then Units and the Maintenance Comments section on the individual Unit. The report can be sorted by Unit Type, Unit Number or Status.

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