Aged Receivables List report
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This report is accessed via Reports, then Management. This report will show you active Customers whose balance owing is not equal to zero. The total owing on this report includes the amount owing for all Units and Agreements for that Customer.

The report shows the Unit or Agreement numbers (depending how the report is sorted) the Customer name, the date of the last payment made and the balance owing. The balance owing is split across the time periods that you have specified via Maintenance, System Setup then the Reports & Refunds tab (eg 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days and 90+ days).

The report also has 3 other columns:

  • In Credit - This is the amount that the Customer is in credit by (the total of the Total Balance Due if this is a negative).
  • Rent In Advance - The total amount of rent that has been billed past the date of the report.
  • Paid in Advance - The total amount of rent that has been paid in advance, calculated on a daily basis.

Important: The Paid in Advance total on the Aged Receivables List is unlikely to be the same as the Paid in Advance total on the Prepaid report. There are 3 reasons for this...

  1. The Aged Receivables report is based on Customer totals, whereas the Prepaid Report is based on Agreements. If a Customer has more than one Agreement, the paid in advance total could potentially be different on the Aged Receivables when compared with the same figure on the Schedule of Prepaid Rent.
  2. The Aged Receivables List is always calculated on a Daily Basis, which is likely to produce a slightly different result for some Customers compared with calculating the Prepaid report on a whole month basis.
  3. The Paid in Advance on the Prepaid report also includes prepayments of other types of transactions, not just rent. The Aged Receivables only includes prepayments of rent. This last reason is likely to be where most of the differences lie.
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