Storman Move-ins guide for Web Developers
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This guide is intended for web developers/designers that are involved in implementing Storman Moveins. 

Please refer to How to integrate with Storman Move-in's 

Guidelines for Web developers

  • The Storman Move-ins web pages are hosted on a Storman Software server (
  • As we host the move in pages, your client's website will NOT need an SSL certificate.
  • You will need to place a Move In Now or Rent now (or similar) link or button on your client's website. We use the standard "A HREF" hyperlink call to link to the web pages served on Please ask your client to ask Storman Software for this link.
  • We do NOT recommend the use of frames or iframes, as the SSL certificate used on will throw up an error which may detract some of your client's Customers from using these pages to perform their move ins.
  • You may use a pop-up window if you prefer,  but keep in mind that some visitors may use pop-up blockers with their web browsers.
  • As part of the setup for the facility images may be loaded for each unit type, if your client wishes to take advantage of this please ask them for the list of their unit types and provide images to match each one.
  • If you wish to use your own URL for the payments you can inform us of the URL and provide us the SSL certificate & key files in a secure manner. If you choose this system you will need to point the URL at the IP address. Please note that if you choose this option instead of using our URL you will be responsible for ensuring the URL and the certificates are kept up to date as we are not able to manage this for you.

 Template Customisation guidelines

 Two elements of the Storman Move-ins templates can be customised: 

  1. Add a Logo only. Add your company logo using the template pack provided below.   Replace the ".PNG logo placeholder" with a .PNG version of the company logo at 340px (W) by 100px (H). Logos of other dimensions or proportions will look squashed and distorted, so please retain these dimensions.
  2. Make CSS changes to brand to specific colours. Storman Move-ins uses Bootstrap; the CSS for this is hosted on the Bootstrap CDN. However, the template pack provided below includes a custom.css file where you can add your own styles.

 Please note: If you want to use (reference) images in your CSS code, be sure to reference them locally, and then include them in your pack when you send them back to us. Any images not hosted locally on our servers will cause an SSL Certificate error.


Template files

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