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Copy / replicate items to other sites
Posted by Cameron Telfer, Last modified by Cameron Telfer on 30 September 2016 01:41 PM

If you use our Central product, you can replicate many common settings between sites. This allows you to standardise our operation and "cookie-stamp" (or clone) settings & configurations to new sites within a matter of minutes. By using the 'Copy to all Facilities' function, you can copy the current settings & configurations to all (or a select number of other) sites within your Central environment at the push of a button. During the below process you will be cloning analysis codes to another site.

The items that can be copied to others sites are as follows.

  • Analysis Codes
  • Billing Plans
  • Insurance Rates
  • Notices
  • Rent Change Rules
  • Type & Categories

Where you can clone the other items from can be found in Step 1.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Analysis codes
  2. Clone code(s)
  3. Confirm

Step 1. Navigate to: Analysis codes

Begin by navigating to Analysis codes found under the maintenance menu.

If you were to clone any other items you would have to navigate to the following.

  • Billing Plans. Maintenance > Billing Plans.
  • Insurance Rates. Maintenance > Insurance Rates.
  • Notices. Maintenance > Notices.
  • Rent Change Rules. Maintenance > Rent Change Rules.
  • Type & Categories. Maintenance > Type & Categories.

Step 2. Clone code(s)

Select the code or codes (by holding Ctrl) and select Copy to all facilities.

Step 3. Confirm

Confirm you would like to send these codes to all sites or you can select the sites by clicking Select Sites.


Step 4. Save

  • Select Yes to start the cloning process.
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