How to run Daily Processing
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Daily Processing is an essential Storman tool used to run your business effectively. It should be the first step of your working day and even if you only bill on the first of the month, it is highly recommended to run this. During the below process you will be running your Daily Processing.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Begin your daily
  2. Confirm Each Process
  3. What Daily Processing Does

Step 1. Navigate to: Begin your Daily

Daily Processing can be run by either clicking the Daily button on your dashboard or by going through your Accounting menu to Daily Processing.

Step 2. Confirm Each Process

  • Auto Backup: Storman will run an automated backup at the start of processing if the relevant setting is enabled for it.
  • Confirm Date of Daily: Storman will ask you to confirm the date you are running processing for.  The daily can be run for cumulative days, one by one, and it can also be run in to the future if required.
  • Summary: Confirm what each customer is getting processed for

Step 3. What Daily Processing Does 

  • Send notices to customers that have reached a certain point in their notice cycle e.g. late notices and reminders
  • Bill next rent cycle for customers that are due to pay
  • Processes payments for those with automatic credit cards and direct debits set up
  • Prints Automatic Receipts printout for above payments
  • Prints Lock List showing customers who have either been locked/over-locked or have paid and had these statuses removed
  • Generates Periodic reports on a daily/weekly/monthly or yearly basis

Step 4. Completion of Daily Processing

  • Once complete a notification will appear. Selecting OK to complete daily processing.
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