Credit Card Upload Wizard
Posted by Cameron Telfer on 16 June 2016 11:34 AM

This is an automated upload function to move Customer credit card (but not bank account) information from Storman into a number of our 3rd-party payment provider systems. This is currently supported by the following third-party payment systems...

  • Advam Stored PAN
  • Authnet CIM
  • Ezidebit
  • NAB CM (formerly Thinc CM)

Once you run this function, the Customer credit card details (for Customers that were successfully uploaded) are then removed from Storman, with a view to this area of your business becoming PCI compliant. This function also checks your Agreements against the following criteria; those Agreements where any of the following three conditions are not met, will not be automatically uploaded to the third-party merchants servers as part of the bulk-upload process...

  • The Customer must not have an existing profile with the new third-party payment provider (this is merely a check to ensure the same Customer isn't added twice, if you re-run the wizard at a later date).
  • The Agreement must have a valid credit card number, credit card name & credit card expiry date entered on the AutoPay/Notices tab.
  • The Agreement must have AutoPay Valid from / Valid to dates entered (also, the Valid to date cannot have passed).

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigation to: Credit Card Upload Wizard
  2. Upload Credit Cards

Step 1. Navigation to: Credit Card Upload Wizard

Begin by open System Setup under the Maintenance menu.

Step 2. Upload Credit Cards

Under the Modules tab select CC Upload. Customer credit card information will now be securely transferred from Storman, to the secure servers of the selected third-party payment provider. The Customer credit card data is then wiped from Storman (but only for any Customers that were uploaded successfully).

Storman will now print two reports - firstly, a list of successful uploads, followed by a list of unsuccessful uploads. The error-code for any unsuccessful uploads is also saved under Card notes (on the Autopay/Notices tab on a failed Customer's Agreement).

Step 3. Save

  • Select OK to save and close your changes.
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