Setting up Sales Promotion codes
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Sales Promotions allow you to create and customise special offers by using a voucher-code system to trigger an analysis code or billing plan discount. Sales Promotions can be ad-hoc or scheduled to only be available between certain dates. By setting up different promotions and reporting on them, you can track which marketing campaigns have been most successful for your business.

Overview of steps:

  1. Navigate to: Sales Promotions
  2. Create the code

Step 1. Navigate to: Sales Promotions

Open Sales Promotions by navigating through the Maintenance menu.

Select Add Sales Promotion.

Step 2. Create and customise the Promotion

Enter the details of your promotion.

  • Description: The name of the sales promotion
  • Voucher Code: Unique code that is assigned to each promotion
  • Customer type: Select what category of customer can apply for this promotion
  • Promotion Type: The type of item this deal is applied to.

               When the Sales Promotion Type is Billing Plan:

 When the Sales Promotion Type is Analysis Code:

Sales Promotion_Analysis Code Discount

Agreement showing Voucher code

When rent is next billed, the voucher code will show as a line item under Transactions

Step 3. Save

  • Select OK to save and close your new promotion.
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